Here are a few itineraries and places of interest that can be easily reached from pietre di ASPRA.

Abbazia di Farfa

Farfa Abbey

Well known and one of the most important religious centers of Medieval Europe. 26 km driving from Casperia. Guided visits 10-16:30 local.

Vescovio Sanctuary

Close to Torri in Sabina. XII century Romanesque architecture, it is the most ancient religious center in the Sabina history. Built on the ancient roman settlement FORUM NOVUM (I-IV century a.c.). 12 km driving.
Santuario di Vescovio
Da Nazzano sul Tevere

Tevere Farfa nature reserve

The Tevere Farfa nature reserve was founded in 1977. The reserve covers about 700 hectares around the convergence of the River Farfa and the River Tiber, characterized by slow flowing water and ponds. Today the reserve is one of the most important wetlands in Lazio. Within the park there are raised walkways allowing visitors to cross the marshy areas and several observation hides. Dock in Nazzano for boat rides, 20 km driving. Approdo di Nazzano a circa 20 km da Casperia

Greccio hermitage

Set within the rock like an eagle’s nest, the Greccio hermitage is an extraordinary fusion of architecture and nature. The edges of the building blend into the lush Holm-oak woods that greeted Saint Francis on his solitary retreats. The Sanctuary is famous because Saint Francis of Assisi chose it as the backdrop to one of the highest and most lyrical moments in his life: the first recreation of the Bethlehem Nativity in Christianity on Christmas Eve, 1223. 37 km driving.

Greccio - Santuario francescano
Pala Ghirlandaio - Narni

Coronation of the Virgin

Coronation of the Virgin (1486) Ghirlandaio altarpiece in Museum of Oroli in Narni, 55 km driving from Casperia. In the upper register of the main panel, Christ crowns the Virgin, surrounded by angels, many of whom play musical instruments, together with patriarchs and prophets. 22 saints in the lower register meditate on the scene.

Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este

Two very splendid villas from two different ages. The Villa Adriana dating back to Roman Times (Emperor Hadrian, II century a.c., and the Villa D’Este from the Renaissance period. They are worth 75 km driving.

Tivoli - Villa d'Este

Orvieto, Tuscia Civita di Bagnoregio, il lago di Bolsena, Montefiascone, Viterbo and Bagnaia

Day-long tour (100 km max driving from Casperia) allows visits to the Dome of Orvieto, Civita di Bagnoregio, known as the “the dying city”, Bolsena Lake, Montefiascone (very famous white wine “Est Est Est”), Viterbo (The Papal Palace, with the bell tower of the cathedral in the background), Bagnaia with Villa Lante, example of the best period in the history of garden design: the Mannerist phase of the Italian renaissance.

Sabina, Slow Park: the first slow tourism park in Lazio

Sabina is about to open a new chapter in the tourism panorama with the launch of the “Sabina, Slow Park” project, which marks the debut of the first park dedicated to slow tourism in Lazio. This initiative represents an innovative strategy for territorial development, through the creation of a network of services and activities available in a digital catalogue. This catalog aims to facilitate the exploration of the Sabina Tiberina, improving the interaction between visitors and local realities by means of an integrated platform.

The theme is experiential tourism in Sabina. The offer originates from the meeting between companies, for the development and exchange of experiences and the creation of synergies and collaborations between the territorial supply chains: tourist accommodation, agri-food and gastronomy, territory, landscape and economy.
(Taken from

Sabina, Parco Slow
Cascata delle Marmore - Rafting and hydrospeed

Rafting, trekking, biking

Rafting close to Marmore Falls (50 km), horse riding, trekking, biking, etc…

Sabina trekking by Stefano Aperio Bella – Proposes exploring naturalistic landscapes, historical sites and artefacts, including characteristic convivial events.
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And also:

Ninfa Garden, Cisterna di Latina (120 km) info on

Spoleto (65 km), Todi (Medieval city) – 76 km), and even if not so near but really worthy to be known and admired, Montepulciano (with its outstanding red wine Nobile di Montepulciano – 146 km), and more to the North, towards Siena, crossing Val di Chiana and the Chianti (regions of red wine, meat called “chianina”, “cinta senese” – breed of domestic pig, black colour with a white belt around the back and the belly), over 200 km driving from Casperia.

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